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 TANCAF - dei Fratelli Cannistraci
TANCAF is Cannistraci Brothers' atelier, the sicilian upholsterers and interior decorators, known worldwide for endless quest of customer's satisfaction.
A rich selection of taylor made solutions spanning from classic to modern style..............with a touch ahead coming from the art, the nature and the traditions of Sicily, the gorgeous "land of gods"beyond the Straits.
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La Domanda




Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto stretches out on the northern coast of Sicily, a few kilometers drive from Messina, in a thermal and bathing zone in front the Eolie Islands, near to Roman settlements as today still testified by fine black and white mosaics found in a II century a.C. villa, depicting fishing scenes.Between sea and mountains, in this land rich of culture and traditions, Cannistraci Brothers, Salvatore, Orazio, Francesco and his wife Graziella Ruggeri make with superb expertise and mastery top quality armchairs, sofas, chairs, curtains and upholstery.

Nursed in craft, Cannistraci Brothers inheredited from their father and grandfather the passion for their job, going step by step through each phase from selecting tissues down to ready for use.

From their shopfloor come out works that fit all kind of setting: apartments, hotels, villas, because Cannistraci Brothers study with care the place in which their pieces are put and they take care that each particular harmonizes customer's tastes.

Cannistraci Brothers execute complete works everywhere in Italy and abroad.
(Villa Fabbiano, Taormina)   (chaiselongue)



Tapestry works are are skilfully made in their atelier, using best quality materials and structures.

Original pieces are done on demand, rare and antique tapestries get repaired.



Each curtain is manifactured to measure, following specific interior design needs. All particulars are personally hand made by Cannistraci Brothers: on the spot survey, measures, choice of tissues, manifacture and made ready for use . Regular maintenance is made easy because all components are tied toghether using velcron and numbered one by one.


  Sculpture Seats:

Cannistraci Brothers express their creativity also trhough unique pieces inspired to their home land: sculpture chairs and arm chairs. True works of art which furnish and personalize the set: every piece has its certificate of origin numbered and authenticated with their signature.
The "Sunflower chair" is exposed at the Tapestry Museum, Bologna.

  Exhibitions :

Firenze - ART - Mostra Internazionale dell'Artigianato
Fortezza da Basso
Da sabato 14 aprile a domenica  21 aprile 2007
dalle 10 alle 21,30


Ambientazioni Carraro
Via S. Francesco, 56
In mostra permanente la sedia "girasole" e la poltrona "il ficodindia"

Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto "Volare per creare" - Tra Arte e Artigianato - agosto 2002

XXI Mostra Internazionale del Turismo, Artigianato e
Tradizioni Culturali - Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, 2002


Messinarti - Mostra mercato dell'artigianato, 2002

XX Mostra Europea del Turismo, Artigianato e delle
Tradizioni Culturali - Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, 2001

XIX Mostra Europea del Turismo, Artigianato e delle
Tradizioni Culturali - Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, 2000

Presenti a varie edizioni di Messinarti - Mostra mercato dell'artigianato

Partecipazione a varie edizioni della Fiera Campionaria

XIV BTEX - Mostra Internazionale del Turismo ed Artigianato

Florence Gift Mart - Fortezza da Basso, 1999



dei Fratelli Cannistraci
Via Trento, 64 ang. Via del Mare
Tel e Fax +39 090 9701888

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