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Inspired by the esoteric and idiosyncratic, Lena Bartula strives to bring  through her work a sense of spirit, honor, truth and beauty. Her oil and mixed media paintings, book and mail art, as well as 3-dimensional works, incorporate organic substances such as ashes, flowers and beeswax.

A combination of abstracted pattern and rich symbolism speaks of ancient wisdom, ritual, and the mythic journey of life.

Bartula comes to this spirit-based work naturally, having been educated in a convent school. She was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, lived  for several years in Oklahoma City, then moved to Santa Fe in 1988.

Amidst and between raising a family and other less important jobs, she has been  a visual artist for almost thirty years, for the most part, self-taught.

Twenty years of publicity and press demands inherent in museum and gallery work have spawned a love of the written word. Her most recent series,” La Mezcla Poetica” combines images, patterns and textures in a synthesis of past series ...... processes which Bartula says “still nourish and inspire me”. Many of those paintings were etched with the written word, in what she calls a combination of automatic writing and the voice of the painting. In a complete reversal of process, each painting in “La Mezcla Poetica” was inspired by her own poetry.

Leaving behind the dogma and doctrine of her childhood, Bartula has become a traveler through the world of spiritual traditions, dreamwork, mythology and Jungian psychology.

Living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico nourishes her relationship to earth and sky, as well as other creative souls on the journey.

Her work is found in private and corporate collections in the U.S. and Europe.


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3353 La Avenida de San Marcos
Santa Fe, NM 87507

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