Tatiana Scalercio is a lute-maker who lives and works in Rome.

Tatiana attended classic lute-making courses, under teaching and guidance of Masters Gabriele Carletti (Bologna) and Fiorenzo Copertini Amati (Firenze).

In 1999 she graduates with full marks in lute-making and keeps attending her Master's shopfloors, deepening her knowledge on both theory and practice around constructing bow chordophone, according to the classical Italian traditions: Cremona, neapolitan, tuscanian, Bologna.

Tatiana has improved a linseed oil soluble in alcool, a complex technical proceeding practiced after Master Lapo Casini and she has also enlarged her researches internationally, spending a period of studies in Bruxelles, under the guidance of Master Thomas Meuwissen at  Conservatoir E. Royal in Brussels.

Tatiana's passion and commitment to her craft can be appreciated in all her hand made instruments, which reproduce high classical models.

Tatiana is also very patient and able at repairing all kinds of strings.

In 2006 Tatiana attended a specialization course in restoration held by Master Hans J. Nebel at Master Scrollavezza's Lute-maker School of Parma.

Lately Tatiana started studying extra-European musical instruments and in 2008 she graduated in Ethnomusicology.
She dedicated  herself to restoration of extra-European strings, in particular Indian
Tanpura, on which a book ("Il Tanpura: il suono dell'India in un liuto") is beeing published soon.

and she performs the work of set-up on sitar and other Indian instruments at the Music Center of Indiana Saraswati House.

In 2009 she worked at ‘Bridgewood and Neitzert’ workshop in London where she was able to improve her knowledge in bow-instruments restoration and set up.

Tatiana was associate founder of the cultural association Acusma  established by fans of music and musical instruments, with the scope to deepen and diffuse aspects of musical culture in order to foster dialogue among different cultures.

She also worked at Cherubini's shop in Rome as lute-maker and bow instruments repair and maintenance.

Today she is member of   Jaghalò Romanò, an association which pursuits the goal of merging different cultures through musical expression.

In her shop Tatiana also holds courses of strings making
and she teaches lute-making within the project "La via dei Leutari" approved by Regione Lazio.

Tatiana Scalercio has been included among the most distinguisced artisans inside the "Repertory of 2014 Roman excellence".


Review from  Archi magazine 
"Tampura: the sound of India in a  lute"


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